Oosight® Benefits & Features

Oosight Imaging System is for research purposes only.


Oosight software visualization tools include (left to right): slow-axis orientation color map, orientation vector overlay, retardance color map, automated SpindleFinder™, and automated ZonaFinder™.

Key Benefits

  • Unprecedented Resolution
    High-contrast live images of the oocyte and spindle
  • Non-invasive Imaging
    Does not require the use of any labels or stains, preserving the biology of the spindle and related structures
  • Quantitative Analysis
    Tracks oocyte behaviour over time and automatically records data points of molecular density and orientation
  • Proven
    Successfully used to image many different mammalian species for both enucleation and developmental studies


  • Quantitative measurements of molecular order and alignment of birefringent structures, including the spindle, zona pellucida, oolemma, sperm head and tail.
  • Calibrated and reproducible data.
  • New automated Spindle- and Zona-Finder™ tools.
  • New laser targeting tool.
  • Reporting capability.
  • Seamless integration with most third-party laser systems.
  • Foot-pedal controls for quick and easy imaging.
  • Models to fit most inverted microscopes.
  • High-resolution CCD camera for both retardance-based and general-purpose imaging.
  • New smaller footprint for better integration into small work spaces.


Oosight Imaging System is for research purposes only.

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