OVO Clinique de Fertilité

Mr. Simon J. Phillips, BSc
Lab DirectorSimon Phillips
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Working in Concert

Even before the staff at OVO fertility clinic in Montreal opened their doors, they had a very specific idea of what they wanted for their clinic. Simon Phillips, Chief Embryologist and Lab Director, describes it this way, "when we started OVO we wanted to use the latest technology while providing a warm and friendly environment for our patients. We have worked hard to design a center that is extremely functional but does not appear too clinical, at least outside of the laboratory!"

Because the clinic offers such a wide array of services, (for example, IVF, ICSI, assisted hatching, PGD, semen analysis and more ), Phillips needed to make sure the clinic had the right equipment to do each job well. His prior experience with HT products made his equipment choice for OVO easy; in 2003 he purchased both an IVOS and a ZILOS-tk for the clinic.

Phillips says that the center uses the IVOS for all routine semen analysis because, "the consistency of the IVOS allows us to produce reliable semen analysis results every time without concern for user variability." Phillips also points out that the "IVOS' heated chamber allows more accurate assessment of sperm motility than analyses performed at room temperature."

The ZILOS-tk is used for many tasks in the OVO clinic including assisted hatching and zona thinning, as well as opening the zona for embryo biopsy prior to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Phillips states that the ZILOS-tk "ensures an extremely accurate method of both zona thinning and zona hatching as well as improving the efficiency and safety for the embryo when performing embryo biopsy."

In addition to all of the laboratory uses of the ZILOS-tk, Phillips finds that "because our ZILOS-tk is attached to our micromanipulation station, the screen is also an invaluable aid for teaching and demonstration."

In terms of customer service and support, one incident sticks out particularly in Phillips' mind. "I remember having a problem after we first purchased the ZILOS, so I called Hamilton Thorne. I spoke to someone who was immediately able to explain what was occurring and how to put it right." He goes on to say that he has "always found the people at Hamilton Thorne and companies distributing their products to be very helpful and knowledgeable."

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