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UNCEIA (Livestock)

National Association of Livestock & Artificial Insemination Cooperatives
Maison-Alfort Cedex, France
Pictured left to right: Olivier Gérard, Eli Sellem, Roseline Gabriel, and Laura Salas-Cortes

IVOS Supports National Effort

The staff at the andrology and semen technology lab of the research and development department of UNCEIA (National Association of Livestock and Artificial Insemination Cooperatives) provides technical assistance to French artificial insemination co-ops and semen production centers. They also conduct research in the field of male fertility, including such areas as genetic markers, new extenders, semen sexing, semen analysis and fertility markers, and all areas of zootechnics.

To carry out their mission, the group decided to purchase an IVOS. This decision, however, was not reached lightly. Although the staff was very familiar with the IVOS, through a joint research project with the INRA Institute, they decided to investigate other CASA systems. What tipped the scales? After trying out the competition, the lab bought the IVOS because "the IVOS provides an efficient routine analysis device with good repeatability and objectivity. It is easy to handle and to use."

The lab team also finds that the IVOS is a great asset because it provides a way "to assess more objectively semen parameters correlated to semen fertility (ALH, Sperm head size, VCL, etc.) in the frame of semen quality surveys."

To further their understanding about fertility factors, the team has undertaken an unusual project, using their IVOS; they "have used it to study the quality of movement according to the osmotic pressure in deer semen."

The UNICEIA lab really values IMV Technologies' customer service. They point out that "our partnership agreement with IMV Technologies has helped us to implement many types of semen analysis when testing new extenders."

In closing, the staff at the lab reiterates, "the IVOS is easy to work with, quick, reliable and repeatable. And, the software is well adapted to our needs."


UNCEIA is a non-profit organization that represents the French artificial insemination industry. UNCEIA members are AI centers that distribute and test semen for cattle, goats, sheep and swine. UNCEIA organizes integration of technologies and genetics in breeding programs to improve their efficiency. It also develops applied research programs in reproductive technologies. In addition, the organization provides assistance in legal and social affairs, staff education, and software development. Acting in close relationship with national and international, official or professional bodies, UNCEIA contributes to the adaptation of the industry to new challenges.


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