Dimensions™ II Strict Morphology

Not available for sale within United States. For research purposes only in USA.

DIMENSIONS II Software for the IVOS II and CEROS II Systems

The DIMENSIONS II software automatically classifies the morphology of fixed stained human sperm samples according to the Tygerberg strict criteria. The results provide objective data to the clinician for the male fertility work up.


The DIMENSIONS II software provides an automated, objective and repeatable method of classifying sperm by morphological characteristics of the sperm head size and shape, acrosome, and tail. Because the Tygerberg strict criteria values are hard-coded into the software, the user does not need to be proficient in manual assessment of sperm morphology according to strict criteria. DIMENSIONS II is the only strict morphology software package validated by Dr. T Kruger.

Software Overview

DIMENSIONS II  focusing on ease of use and navigation.

Features include:

  • Interactive illumination control
  • Storage of all analyzed fields by patient
  • Detailed cell view
  • Ability to exclude cell from analysis
  • Compatible with Diff-Quik or PAP stains
  • Review analysis of saved image sets
  • Results report output to printer or HTML file