Human Motility - Legacy V14

Human Motility Legacy Version 14 software for U.S. Infertility Clinics, Hospitals and Assisted Reproduction Centers

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

  • You don’t need to be a computer expert to analyze sperm with the IVOS or CEROS.
  • Intuitive software interface makes operation easy.
  • Up to 7 analysis setups (including optic calibrations) may be stored to memory and selected at the touch of a button.
  • Sample information and patient/animal details are easily entered from keyboard.
  • Simply place the sample chamber on the stage, focus the image, select the fields, and begin analysis.
  • On-site customized installation and training provided with all new systems.

Proven & Trusted

With the proven performance of our sperm analyzers and our respected standing in the industry, you can trust in both your sperm analysis results and our dedication to your success. To meet your specific needs, we offer two analyzer models, the IVOS® and the CEROS™.

The Version 14 sofware provides:

  • Accurate, objective and repeatable results
  • Rapid analysis - 1/2 second per analysis field (30 frames @ 60Hz)
  • 4-level quality control
  • Labor savings
  • High level data security

Detailed analysis results include:

  • Counts & Concentrations
  • Motility & Progressive Motility
  • W.H.O. Comparisons (or standard comparisons for non-human software)
  • 3 Velocity Measurements, VAP, VSL, and VCL, plus additional motion measurements of LIN, ALH, STR, and BCF

Built-in Quality Control for Analysis Accuracy

View PLAYBACK to confirm motile and static sperm identification. Color-coded tracks indicate progressive, motile, and slow sperm, while red dots identify static sperm. The interactive QC Plots provide 3 levels of quality control for static sperm identification. Immediately recalculate last analysis with new settings, without losing captured fields.

Features to Help You Manage Data

Our software features several tools for data management:

  • HT inScribe™: Report designer and manager allows creation of unlimited professional reports including analysis results, sample/patient/animal information and images.
  • HDATA ASCII Export: Transfer summary data and/or individual track data to spreadsheet, database, or other ASCII-compatible programs
  • Clinical Filing System: Design three one-page custom reports and store all analysis reports as computer files
  • Digital Image Storage: Store exact fields analyzed to hard drive, CD or DVD. Retrieve and reanalyze stored analysis fields
  • HT Video Converter: Quickly and easily converts saved digital images from HT’s proprietary format into AVI or WMV files, readable by common programs

More Power for Your Sperm Analysis

Research Software

  • Edit Tracks: View and store detailed data for individual sperm tracks. Also used for validation procedures
  • Sort: Study specific subpopulations of sperm. Determines fraction of cells within user-specified limits

Morphology Options

  • Dimensions Strict Morphology (human): The only validated program to classify sperm according to STRICT criteria
  • Metrix User-Defined Morphology (multispecies): Learns and applies your definitions of normal and abnormal sperm
  • Real-Time Morphology: A real-time method of visually scoring gross morphology of unstained sperm (subjective)

Fluorescent Options

  • IDENT Fluorescence (IVOS only)
    • The only CASA system with strobed xenon Illumination for sperm-safe motility
    • Highest precision in sperm counting
    • IDENT Stain permeates all sperm cells
    • Analysis of both motile and static cells under xenon fluorescence
  • VIADENT Software
    • Requires IDENT Fluorescence
    • Performs motility and viability on the same LIVE sample
    • VIADENT Stain permeates only non-viable cells
    • Motility analysis performed under standard illumination and viability analysis under xenon fluorescence