Lenshooke X1 Pro CASA System Product Operation Video

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The LensHooke™ X1 Pro is a compact, automatic semen quality analyzer developed by Bonraybio®. Key features include:

  • Analyzes 4 Key Data Parameters for diagnosis: pH Value, Concentration, Morphology, and Motility 
  • Processing time of 2-5 minutes
  • Utilizes integrated resistive touch screen  
  • Captures high resolution images using the Auto Focus & Full HD features
  • Generates video & PDF reports to further evaluate sperm motility parameters
  • Connects to external computers using LAN Connection to access and download analysis results
  • Quality Control Testing using LensHooke™ X QC Beads in three different concentration levels
  • Barcode scanner compatibility to easily capture patient information or
    QC data

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