CIVA Overview

CIVA software is for research purposes only; not to be used for therapeutic or diagnostic procedures.

CIVA Overview

Custom Software to Capture Images/Video and Annotate

  • Capture images and video from any microscope with a compatible camera or video device
  • Record real-time or time-lapse video
  • Use any objective and any type of illumination
  • Calibrate multiple objectives
  • Measure specific embryo features, automatically calculate mean and SD and add to report
  • Choose report format displaying two images with evaluation data or four images without evaluation data
  • Add freehand text labels, graphic elements and measures
  • Import images and video captured on LYKOS, ZILOS-tk, XYRCOS or XYClone
  • Automatically add user-defined labels to images on capture


CIVA may be purchased as sofwtare only or a complete system with software, camera and computer.

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