Important Oosight® Update Information

This message contains important information on your Oosight Basic or Oosight Meta imaging systems purchased prior to June 2015.

As of April 2015, Hamilton Thorne acquired the Oosight technology from Perkin Elmer and has assumed all responsibility for sales, service and customer support related to the Oosight systems. Oosight Comp Chart Corrected

According to our records your company purchased an Oosight system in the past. Oosight systems sold and supported by Perkin Elmer were installed with either the Basic or Meta software (Version 3). The chart on the right outlines the differences between Oosight Basic and Oosight Meta features.

Upon the acquisition of the Oosight technology, Hamilton Thorne updated the Basic and Meta software to Version 4. The Version 4 software is now fully compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and also includes a fundamental change in the licensing activation method from an online activation process to a HASP security key mediated system. This means that if you try to install the Version 3 Oosight software on a new computer, the online license activation process will not function. In order to transfer the Oosight software to a new computer, an upgrade to Hamilton Thorne Oosight software Version 4 must be purchased.

To prevent future compatibility issues, Hamilton Thorne is offering a limited time opportunity for customers with an existing Oosight Version 3 system to upgrade their system software to Version 4 at very special prices. In addition, we are also offering a great deal on upgrading from the Basic Version 3 software to the Meta Version 4 software. These offers are valid until March 31, 2016. After that time, prices will increase substantially.

710276 Upgrade: Oosight Basic to Basic v4 (+) S/W Update $750.00
710277 Upgrade: Oosight Basic to Meta v4 (+) Software HASP key $980.00
710278 Upgrade: Oosight Meta v3 to v4 (+) S/W Update & HASP key $950.00


If you would like to take advantage of this special update offer, please contact Ken Eudenbach directly at keudenbach [AT] hamiltonthorne [DOT] com. If you have questions on service matters, please also contact Ken for service plan options.


What is required for updating the software to Version 4 from Hamilton Thorne?

  1. Any customer who has an existing Oosight Meta or Oosight Basic system and would like to obtain a serialized CD of the Hamilton Thorne software, obtain system service or related customer support must contact Hamilton Thorne directly. The prior method of updating software or providing repair service is no longer supported.
  2. Please provide to Hamilton Thorne the serial number (from the bottom/rear of the camera) and software version you are currently are using (if known).
  3. Payment can be made by credit card or with a wire transfer.
  4. Pricing includes HASP key shipment but not customs duty, VAT taxes, etc.


PLEASE NOTE: SpindleView, PolScope and Abrio systems are not supported by Hamilton Thorne.

Hamilton Thorne values your satisfaction and is offering this special deal to give all Oosight Basic and Meta system owners the chance to update their systems for forward compatibility at a discounted cost.

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