XYRCOS® Overview

XYRCOS laser

XYRCOS laser

Our Newest Research Laser System for Stem Cell Research, Gene Targeting, Knock Out Mouse Production, SCNT, ICSI, IVF and Assisted Hatching

  • Laser and RED-i target locator built into 40x or 20x objective
  • High image quality
  • Enhanced UV transmission, compatible with stains such as DAPI, Hoechst, and others
  • Improved working distance - use with or without glass heater
  • No laser alignment needed
  • Similar in size to standard objectives
  • Compatible with all major microscope brands, including newer and upright models

The XYRCOS laser permits non-contact ablation of targeted membranes or structures. The XYRCOS laser module consists of a high power, Class 1, 1460 nm infrared laser plus RED-i target locator integrated into a 40x or 20x objective. Compatible with most inverted microscopes, the XYRCOS laser attaches to the turret just like a typical objective and allows full use of all the microscope's standard features, such as fluorescence and Hoffman imaging. In addition, the laser is factory-aligned and locked in place to ensure safe ablation.

XYRCOS® and XYClone® are for non-clinical research use only. hESC research using the XYRCOS should be conducted in accordance with any applicable Federal, State or local laws and regulations.

Please Note: XYRCOS® and XYClone® are for use ONLY with ANIMAL and STEM CELL APPLICATIONS. (For Clinical Laser Assisted Hatching and Biopsy applications, please see the LYKOS Laser or ZILOS-tk Laser)