HT Morph

HT Morph is for Non-clinical Research Purposes Only

HT Morph classifies sperm cell as normal or abnormal based on user-defined parameters. HT Morph reviews captured images and locates objects with recognizable sperm cell characteristics. HT Morph simultaneously assesses each sperm cell for size, shape, acrosome, tail and cytoplasmic droplets. The measured values are then compared to the user-defined parameters for classifcation as normal, abnormal or rejected cells.

HT Morph Equine playback

  • User-defined limits for compatibility with multiple species
  • Classifies sperm as normal or abnormal based on head size and shape, acrosome percentage, tail morphology and presence of cytoplasmic droplets
  • Allows real-time analysis or re-analysis of previously captured fields
  • Color-coded categorization to define normal, abnormal and rejected results
  • Measurements for individual sperm cells easily reviewed
  • User may override system classification or delete a cell from analysis
  • Unlimited number of rule sets may be defined and saved to represent a variety of species
  • Compatible with a variety of high contrast stains, such as Stat II, Diff-Quik and Papinicoulau
  • Easily installed on IVOS II and CEROS II systems


swine sperm resultswith without overlay