Stiletto Overview




What is Stiletto?

The Stiletto research laser system combines a proprietary infrared laser objective, controller software and an automated stage for various procedures applicable to adherent cells in culture. The laser module attaches to the turret of your inverted microscope to easily target the cell monolayer to ablate, isolate or score into uniform sections.

Benefits of Stiletto

  • Streamline workflow with Stiletto’s automated features
  • Select multiple areas across an entire plate and Stiletto automatically ablates cells inside or outside of each designated zone, or along a path
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current workflow: no extra preparation needed for your cell samples
  • Quickly scores cell monolayer into sections of user-defined dimensions
  • Offers precision technology that provides consistent results between different users
  • Reduces risk of contamination: non-contact laser means plate lid is kept in place during laser application
  • Cell characteristics and gene expression maintained throughout laser-assisted sequential passaging
  • Flexible solution applicable to a variety of research needs

Stiletto Features

  • 20x objective module with integrated laser attaches to the turret like a standard objective
  • Automated X-Y-Z stage with “remembered focus” at each selected area
  • Proprietary software interface features include:
    • Modes for auto-scoring, ablation within selected area, outside selected area and along a perimeter
    • User-specified well map to easily navigate from well to well
  • Designate multiple target areas and modes throughout the entire plate/dish
  • Stores parameters and automatically returns to each location to perform the user-defined tasks
  • Ability to select target areas under a lower magnification, thereby providing a larger field of view
  • Uses your standard petri dishes and multi-well plates - no need to purchase “special” dishes



Stiletto for non-clinical research use only.

(For Clinical Laser Assisted Hatching and Biopsy applications, please see the LYKOS Laser or ZILOS-tk Laser)