Staccato® Option


Multi-pulse Laser Activation Option

Staccato option

The optional Staccato software allows rapid, multi-pulse firing for continual application of laser to the sample.

  • Laser continues to fire until halted or maximum duration is reached
  • Software automatically sets maximum duration based on laser power, laser pulse length and number of laser pulses/second selected
  • Quickly excise the inner cell mass (ESC derivation)
  • Ablate unwanted cells in culture
  • Trophectoderm Biopsy
  • Ablation of cells, organelles and tissues for developmental biology studies

Videos of Staccato in Action

XYClone with Staccato Option: Inner Cell Mass Excision

Video courtesy Nikica Zaninovic, MS PhD; Qiansheng Zhan, MD PhD; Zev Rosenwaks, MD. Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, New York

Penetration of Zebrafish Oocyte

Video courtesy Jose Cibelli, PhD, Michigan State University