Webinar Archive

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List of Past Webinars and Recorded Presentations:

  • Sperm hyperactivation - Its analysis by CASA and clinical utility: Dr. David Mortimer
  • Discovering the HUman Oosight: Mike Magee
  • Air Quality in the ART Laboratory: Dr. David Mortimater
  • Benefits of Using Lasers in Clinical applications and an In-depth Discussion on Virtification in Assisted Reproduction: Dr. Jeurgen Liebermann
  • Advantages of using Lasers in Embryo Biopsy Procedures: Dr. Barry Behr
  • Optimize Quality Assurance for Mouse Sperm Freezing and Rederivation using Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis: Ian Roswell
  • Discover how to make clinical grade stem cells using new laser technology: Dr. Jeffrey Jones