ZEISS Stereomicroscopes

ZEISS Stemi 508

stage stemi 508

Stemi 508 is your compact stereomicroscope that fits in any standard laminar flow hood. The large working distance offers ample space: you can conveniently handle and manipulate oocytes and assess growing embryos.The operation of the microscope is easy and intuitive. Due to the optional Thermo plates you can keep your samples at 37 °C while they are outside the incubator.

ZEISS SteREO Discovery

SteREO Discovery.V8 combines robustness, ergonomy and brilliant optics, providing optimal reliability in your IVF workflow.

stereo discovery v8 stage

  • SteREO Discovery.V8 is equipped with open interfaces, that allows for integration inside your laminar flow box.
  • Its modular design and extensive accessories offer you a variety of options to set up your workplace to your exact requirements.
  • The high-resolution, high-contrast stereoscopic image helps you isolate and and manipulate your oocytes and access growing embryos.
  • The large working distance offers ample space for handling and sorting egg cells.
  • With its 8× zoom, you can quickly change from the overview down to the magnified detail, while staying perfectly in focus.
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Download this file (EN_40_011_094_Stemi_508_rel_2_0.pdf)EN_40_011_094_Stemi_508_rel_2_0.pdfStemi 8 Brochure10547 kB
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